SEO for Plumbers | A Perfect Guide To Grow Your Business

SEO for Plumbers | A perfect guide to grow your business

Are you frustrated that your plumber website is not getting enough traffic? Is your website not holding the rank in the top three search results? Well! Have you tried any trusted SEO companies who are experts in SEO for plumbers?

If not, then you must take it into consideration. Because no matter how skilled of a professional plumber you are. Or how attractive your website looks compared to other plumbing sites. If it does not appear while people are looking for plumbers, you won’t get the business lead.

Besides, almost all the plumbing companies are now running their own plumbing websites. So, it’s a tough competition to survive and get traffic on your site. Moreover, the plumbing job itself is difficult and time-consuming. In the competitive market of plumbers, it would be equally challenging to outshine among all the plumber’s websites and establish a higher rank.

So, to understand how SEO for plumbing companies can be beneficial and what strategies you need to follow to boost up the website rank, this following guide is to let you know all in detail.

What Is SEO for Plumbing, and What Are the Different Types of SEO for Plumbers Website


Before getting started, you must know plumber SEO is a continuous process. It involves a series of strategies that only work to boost the website ranking and visibility and ensure a good ranking in search results. The term SEO for plumber means search engine optimization, which is a process of editing and developing site content that helps increase the visibility and ranking of the site when people insert the keywords related to plumbers. 

In this process, the website must be coded accordingly to any search engine and identified and crawled. Hence, the plumbing SEO series must include keyword analysis, content, optimization, local SEO, and continuous tracking. Specifically, for this sector, there are four types of plumbing & HVAC SEO.

  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

The local SEO for plumbers would facilitate maximizing the visibility among the potential consumers who are looking for plumbing services in their area. If you want the target consumer to reach your website and take plumbing service, then you must open a Google Business Profile providing all the authentic information like name, address, phone number, google map location, etc. You can also include reviews, citations, and social media URLs.

Technical SEO works at the backend. Technical SEO aims to find your site to crawl and index in Google easily. It requires professional knowledge and experience, so it would be wise to look out for proficient SEO services for plumbers.

On-page SEO works for optimizing the website content. It helps improve the site ranking. So, the plumber SEO services prioritize including keywords in title, metadata, content, headings, URL, and so on.

Off-page SEO is about other websites and social media profiles to backlink your site. In this strategy, the popular websites mention your service through content, recommendations through reviews, or guest blogging.

Why Is SEO for Plumbers Important?

Why Is SEO for Plumbers Important?

When there is any need for plumbing, what do you think is the first thing people do? They google plumbers in their area. Then, considering where the user is looking for plumbing service, the search result shows recommended local plumbers.

Then, from the search result, in most cases, people choose from the top three results and, at most, the service providers that appear on the first page. Only about 10% go to the second and third pages for comparison or if they are looking for any specific service.

So, from a user perspective, wouldn’t you do the same? In fact, you won’t try navigating to any page other than the first one. This is exactly the reason why you need a reliable and the best SEO for plumbers’ websites.

Only the plumber SEO company can ensure the visibility of your website locally as well as in various areas. It can help you distinguish from other plumbers’ websites and bring you to the front. Then, you can easily reach potential consumers and attract them to take your service.

Though there are other ways to advertise your service, SEO is a prolonged marketing series that ensures a good ranking in search engines with natural traffic, which is more valuable to Google as well as your business. SEO is a time-consuming strategy where it may take months to witness results. However, when you will witness an increasing number of visitors to your website and the return you will receive, all of these wait and effort will be worth it.

How Does Plumber SEO Work?

To ensure maximum utilization of SEO, you must understand it works. A professional SEO company works especially for creating, editing website code, and posting content related to plumbing services. This strategy helps upgrade the page rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, ASK, etc.

While people look for plumbing service or have any queries regarding it, they type in search engines. The questions or keywords they look for are the main sources of SEO. In the process of SEO, the first job is to pick the top keywords for plumbers.

Then, utilizing those keywords in the website and content helps position the site rank higher. Besides, Google has certain criteria which determine the page rank. The plumbing and HVAC SEO companies stay up to date about those criteria and work accordingly.

Therefore, to meet those criteria, you must share information and content relevant to the plumbing service. Moreover, the site must be user-friendly and fast loading on any device from mobile to iPad, laptop, etc. Nevertheless, the cumulative principles of page optimization, link building, SEO, and content publishing will not only increase the rank on google but also bring organic visitors to your website who can be potential consumers of plumbing service.

Plumbing SEO Strategy to Grow Your Business

Plumbing SEO Strategy to Grow Your Business

There are many local SEO plumbers who are providing search engine ranking services. However, all SEO agencies don’t have enough knowledge and experience to guarantee more traffic and a good ranking of the website. So, before you take service from an SEO agency, you must know the strategies that will help to grow your business.

Researching top keywords for plumbers

Keywords are the main component of SEO. When a user looks for any service or has any queries, the first thing they do is type in the search bar of a search engine. Those keywords are your gateway to knowing what the consumers are looking for and what and how you can provide the service. Also, based on what they search for, the search engine result page (SERP) is presented to them accordingly.

So, to mark yourself as a potential service provider, you need to organize your site in a way that Google values your content and service. You must ensure you are a reliable service provider and have everything the users are looking for. Hence, to find out those keywords, you can use free keyword research tools.

Conduct a competitive analysis

As you search on google, you will find out the top three plumbing service providers. Those are your main competitors. Analyze those websites’ codes and structure, and pay attention to the service and contents they are publishing. Moreover, you will also see the keywords they use. Based on an in-depth analysis, you can work on strategizing how to increase your ranking, ensure high-quality sales and increase service leads.

Location targeting

Location targeting

Another important principle of SEO is a plan location-based strategy. There are plenty of plumbers out there. As you narrow down your service in specific locations, you also minimize the competition. If you can optimize your plumber website according to location, then Google will show your site in the search result.

For this, you need to create a profile in the Google My Business app and fill out a form with authentic information. As you create an individual location-based geo page with an address on your site so that Google can show it in the search result as people look for plumbing service in that area, neighborhood, or nearby towns.

Utilizing Google My Business Management 

For any service provider online, Google My Business Management is an amazing platform. Hence, it must be included in your SEO strategy. By opening an account here, you can optimize the site with the most valuable keywords and keep your profile updated. Here you can include reviews, contact with clients, respond to their queries, and a lot more which are essential for business growth as well as improving the ranking on search results.

Link Building

Just implementing an SEO strategy for content creation and website optimization is not enough. To get more traffic, you need to utilize links from other business sites as well. This process is called backlinking, where other popular plumber websites publish content of your site.

As a result, the traffic from another website will be redirected to you, and more people will know about your service. On the other hand, Google will consider your site as a reliable one and thus will prioritize showing your site in the search result with a higher rank.

Content creation

When you have all the valuable keywords in your hand, what do you do? You must utilize them on your website, and one of the most beneficial ways is to create content using those keywords. But remember, the content must be original, readable, and engaging, and the keywords must be used naturally. In content creation, you can make videos, write articles, answer popular questions, and so on. 

Enlisting your business in business directories

Another way to optimize your website is to get your plumber’s website listed on online directories. It will help increase the visibility of various search engine results. As you can include a link to your website in the directory, it will work as backlinking. Hence, you must include all the authentic information and contact information so that Google can easily find and crawl your site.

Track and test the performance of the SEO campaign

After implementing all the SEO principles, the job is not done yet. It would be best to track down the impact of each strategy on the site performance. As already mentioned, SEO is a continuous process. Right after implementing, you may not see results.

However, if you sincerely utilize all the policies and keep an eye on the impact on the ranking and traffic, you will see positive results within six months to a year. Moreover, by tracking status, you can also understand which strategy worked and which needed change.

How to Grow Your Plumbing Business?

How to Grow Your Plumbing Business?

SEO strategy on plumber websites may help boost up the ranking and get traffic on your site. However, it would help if you had an additional constructive plan to grow your business overall. The strategy must include blog posts, business listing, reviews, social media management, SEO, marketing strategy, website optimization, and so on. Here are a few factors you might include in your business plan to outgrow your competitors.

First of all, the website codes must be easy so that the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Mozilla, etc., can easily find, read, crawl, index, and rank your site.

Then, the onsite contents must portray your site as an authoritative company in the plumbing industry.

Backlinking must be optimized to emphasize the authority of your company.

You must ensure these three factors through SEO, or you can hire professional plumbing and HVAC SEO. The benefit of using a professional SEO agency is they will not only focus on website content and marketing but also have a close look at the website security, speed, user-friendliness, content quality, schema markup, optimized images, user experience, and so on.

Final Thought

Wrapping up, there are many SEO agencies; however, every one of them cannot ensure more traffic, increased raking, or more business leads. Hence, choose a reliable, well-reputed, and proficient SEO agency like SEO Tech Lab. They can help you with site placement on search engines, and by incorporating marketing strategy with SEO strategy, you can get more business leads.

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