SEO for Banks – What You Should Do?

SEO for Banks - What You Should Do?

Digitization of business is a new strategy for reaching consumers ahead of time. Likewise, SEO for banks is the new marketing approach banks are opting to make it easily accessible to the users.

The SEO strategy for banks not only brings the banking system to the users’ fingers tip but also helps secure a leading position in google. At present, no matter how big or small the area is, there are several banks making the banking business competitive. Besides, visiting the bank for a simple reason is also daunting and time-consuming.

This is why, to distinguish itself from others and attract new users, a bank decides to go for SEO services for banks. According to a study, more than 50% of marketers claim that SEO for financial services is more effective than any other marketing initiative.

So, if you are not yet choosing bank SEO services for your bank, then you must not miss the details about SEO for banks and insurance this article will be talking about.

What Is SEO in Finance, and Why Is It Important for Banks?

SEO, or search engine optimization for banks, is a cumulative strategy that helps bank websites to accelerate their rank on search engine pages. As people these days depend on online services, from online shopping to transactions, everything they want to complete using a mobile, laptop, or iPad. Hence, people mostly rely on Google, whether it’s for a simple question or looking for information.

Banks are no different in that case. Therefore, it’s very crucial to expedite the website traffic that will meet the consumer needs and facilitate the business simultaneously. Whether it’s for a simple query or transaction, people look for nearby banks in search engines. You will be surprised to know that Google receives more than 30 to 60 thousand keyword searches with “banks near me.”

It’s what people demand, and for this reason, you need SEO for banks to meet their needs. As the users hit the search button, thousands of banks come in the result. However, SEO for financial websites is so competitive these days; with proper planning and strategies, you can get a higher website rank so that users can easily find and access your website.

Because having a rank on the first page of your website is extremely crucial. The study states that on websites that rank on the first page, 33% of the users check them out, and only 10% move to the second page. Most importantly, the top three pages get the highest clicks. So, even if your bank provides the best service and attractive offers, only SEO for Banks can ensure you reach those offers to your valued users by positioning the website in the topmost rank.

Key Marketing Factors to Consider to Ensure Successful SEO for Financial Institutions

Earlier I mentioned that banking and financial institutions run a competitive business. Every institution has its own website, making it challenging to rank a good position in the search engine. Does it make you wonder which SEO standards to follow for your own website?

Check out the below marketing factors that will guide you towards strong SEO for finance sector.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

To meet the demand of your valuable clients, you must know what they are looking for. This is why you should do keyword research. It’s the first and foremost thing you must do to rank your website. There are several tools available for keyword research like KeywordsFX, keyword tool, Ubersuggest, Google Adwords, etc., which will present to you the keyword ideas.

Along with this too, you must also have close concentration on the competitors’ websites and the keywords they are using. For this job, you can use another tool SEMrush. Using both these tools, you can then plan how to use them on your websites.

Quality Content creation

Now you have the keywords in hand. The next finance SEO strategy is creating relevant content. It’s one of the most powerful and effective strategies to incorporate keywords and facilitate SEO. Through content creation, you can address the queries the clients are looking for.

For instance, you can have a blog page on the bank website where you will publish posts about financial information or answers to general queries on a weekly basis. Remember, the higher the number of pages you include on the website, the chances are that the higher rank it will achieve on the search engine result.

Website Responsiveness

Though not related to SEO, how responsive the website is actually plays a significant role in ranking. Meaning the site must be compatible with any devices, including mobile, tab, android, iPhone, laptop, desktop, and so on. Generally, a greater number of users access bank websites through mobile phones for any shopping or transaction instead of going to the bank.

This is why it’s important to have an app for banks that is user-friendly for any device. If the site has a slow loading time and is difficult to navigate, people will leave the site immediately. Thus, it will impact not only the bounce rate but also search result rank. Hence, the app must have a design fit to the screen, clear visibility, easy to find forms, and large buttons


People learn faster from visual representation than from reading. For this reason, the infographics of any website are important to attract customers. Moreover, sharing information with infographics will help them easily understand the complex banking terms and policies.

Also, it will increase more engagement of the users on the website, which definitely will improve the website’s rank. Furthermore, sharing the infographics on social media and other sites will bring in more readers to your website, which is extremely crucial for SEO.


Reviews ensure the credibility of the service as well as the website for any financial institution. Genuine reviews and responding to the reviews from the institution is an effective marketing strategy.


When you create blog posts with keywords, you can interlink other contents within. This strategy has several benefits. First of all, the readers will stay longer on the website and click on the links provided. Then, Google will find the website quickly, which will accelerate the rank in SERP. This way, you can also bring out the deeper or newer pages into higher positions in search results.

Backlinks to the website

Another important SEO and marketing strategy is to backlink pages to other popular sites. In that case, you have to find credible and reliable websites and create an agreement to backlink your page on their site. Once they agree with you, their readers will get to know about your website and achieve credibility. Simultaneously, Google will also quickly find your pages and rank them.

Local SEO for banks

Local SEO for banks

Ranking websites on google and getting traffic is important for any website without a doubt. However, it won’t be beneficial to your business if the website is not reaching the right consumers. Hence, it would help if you found the potential consumers and individually worked on local SEO.

To do this, you need to present your business on online platforms like Google+, Yelp, yellow pages, and so on. Among them, google my business is a business-friendly tool for claiming your business. While using this platform, make sure the name, location, address, and phone numbers are correct. The location should be easy to find and reachable.

Benefits of SEO Banking Services

Other than ranking websites on search engines, there are several benefits you can achieve with SEO. here they are

With the right SEO strategy, you can improve the visibility of the website. So, when people search on search engines, they can easily find your bank in the search results.

With SEO, you will get more organic traffic. As you are not using paid advertising to secure a top rank on Google, organic traffic will be more effective for your business.

The more traffic you get on the website, the chances are that more potential customers will receive your service due to SEO.

Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Seo for Financial Websites

Having a beautiful design website does not always ensure a higher rank in search engines. Certainly, it requires skills and creativity to design an intimidating website. However, if the SEO of the website is not right, then there is no benefit if people don’t access the site. You will be lagging behind your competitors. So, you already know that along with the user interface, you can integrate SEO on your website if you avoid the below-mentioned mistakes.

First of all, keywords are the first step of SEO. And, utilizing keywords in content brings great results on google rank. However, using the keywords in the content in the most natural way is crucial. Otherwise, it will sound like forceful utilization, and Google will consider the page spam. So, the purpose of using keywords is to blend smoothly into the content and share information with the readers at the same time.

Another mistake banks make is, addressing the bank location on one page or pointing to the locations on map widgets. Both steps don’t help the consumers find your branch easily. Instead, creating an individual page with a dynamic map widget will increase visibility. And, people will easily find your branch in that location and increase the chance of accepting your service.

Then, bank websites often don’t give priority to quality content creation. They hardly create a proper blog post other than a few paragraphs. However, from a user’s perfective, people search on google to open an account or apply for a loan. If your page can properly answer all their queries in a simpler and more descriptive manner, then people will stay on your website longer and love your service.

You will be surprised to know the first page websites that show on google search results provide content of 2000 words in length. It may seem like an unnecessary effort, but content does create a massive impact on getting more traffic and higher ranking. However, the contents must be original, share unique information, and be reader-friendly.

Lastly, there is huge competition in banks. So, how do you minimize the competition? Technically, you can do so if you localize the website, which many banks don’t opt for. By making individual content using metadata, and visual representation like photos, videos, membership, contents, etc you can rank the page in that area.

Tips and Strategies for Financial Services SEO

At this point of the article, you already know what to do, avoid and the benefits you will be achieved through SEO for banks. Here, I will share some effective tips and strategies that will help you compete with your competitors and get a higher rank in the Google search engine. There are many companies that do SEO but getting it right according to the institution is not easy. Hence, you need to stay up to date with the Google algorithm updates.

For this, you can do On-page SEO. It will help rank individual pages, which will ensure higher traffic. Moreover, normal visitors can also turn into consumers or members through this strategy.

Another tip for SEO is creating informative and original content. Though the length of the content is important for ranking, the information must be valuable to the readers. Here, you will also blend the keywords organically so that it doesn’t seem to stuff. If so, google will immediately recognize it.

Then, the title tag. When the page is ranked, the title shows up on the search result. Hence. It must include the keyword with accurate information.

The URL also needs to include the keyword as well as the website hierarchy.

If you are using an image on the page, it must have a description containing the target keyword. Otherwise, the image won’t crawl and impact the rank.

URL – Your URL should reflect the hierarchy of the website and include your keyword.

The aim of Google is to provide users with what they are looking for online. Hence you must provide high-quality and original content. The more organic the contents are, the greater Google will crawl the page. It’s not just about keywords but about the overall quality of the content.

Final Thought

To wrap up, SEO for banks is tough competition these days. To rank your financial institution on the first page of Google search results, you must understand the algorithm it uses. Hence, while doing SEO for your bank, don’t forget to incorporate the strategies, avoid mistakes and follow the tips I have provided in this article.

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