Privacy Policy

For the Website , the following privacy statement applies: This Website has consented to have its privacy practices examined for compliance to demonstrate its dedication to your privacy.

It is essential to SEO Tech Lab  that your online privacy be protected. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement. The only information gathered through this Website is protected by privacy policies; any information obtained via software downloaded from the site is not covered.

Customers and visitors alike may be assured that SEO Tech Lab is devoted to preserving their privacy.

There are several reasons why we’ve designed our websites so that users don’t have to divulge any personal information when they visit.

Customers and partners, new and old, may rest assured that any personally identifiable information they choose to provide to SEO Tech Lab will be utilized solely to further their business relationship with SEO Tech Lab

What Kinds of Information Do We Collect?

People who come to our Website

Your Internet Service Provider’s domain name, the date and time you accessed our Web site, and the pages you accessed within our Web site are all basic user information that our Web server collects. This information is not personally identifiable except as necessary to prevent fraud or system abuse.

A cookie is a little piece of data that a website can keep on your computer in a specified file. Cookies allow a website to recognize you as a unique user and tailor its responses accordingly. The web program can learn and remember your choices to follow those needs, likes, and dislikes. For the majority of the time, you can manage how cookies are utilized. The instructions for this feature may be found in your browser’s documentation. Consider the consequences of disabling cookies. We cannot guarantee an optimal experience on our Website. If you opt to refuse cookies, certain site features may not work correctly or take longer to load.

A chat feature is available on our Website. You may engage in “real-time” conversations with us on our Website by using chat services. For whatever reason, we may save the chat transcripts on our servers. Still, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you choose to give it to us voluntarily when you join.

In what ways can we put this information to work for us?

People who come to our Website

By collecting and using this basic information about our users, we can better understand how people use our site, enhance the quality of our content, and enhance their overall experience. Our Internet operations and communications are presently handled through several online partners. We hire a marketing firm to assist us in tracking the success of our advertising campaigns and the behavior of site visitors. We employ the marketing company’s Web beacons and cookies on our site to do this. Products and pricing of things purchased and the sites viewed are examples of the information we gather. For example, this data helps us discover which sites and goods are most popular with our visitors and how our consumers want to be contacted through email. Web sites that may not be affiliated with ours are linked via external links. We have no control over third-party websites’ privacy policies or content, so please proceed with caution if you visit any of these. To ensure that the policies of the sites you visit are appropriate to you, we urge that you carefully review the privacy policies displayed on each one. Unless otherwise specified, this privacy policy only applies to data collected by this Website.


In other words, the people who use SEO Tech Lab

At [Your Company name], we ask for your contact and financial information when you join our services. Your name, address, and phone number are often included in your contact information. Your credit card number usually is part of your payment information. As long as you’re a SEO Tech Lab customer, we’ll look after your account information, service preferences, and logs. Customers’ electronic mail and other communications may also be stored as a required part of the delivery and transmission process.

In what ways can we put this information to work for us?

Customers of Tarika Technology:

To serve you with our service, we’ll need to know who you are and where you are located. To handle payments, we only utilize the information you provide us. We create and keep other information in the usual delivery course, such as customer account status, service selection, and customer logs.

You may get information about items that could be of interest to you or be eligible for special partner programs if SEO Tech Lab shares your personal information with chosen partners or third parties, such as product information providers or marketing agencies. If you agree, SEO Tech Lab may use your personal information to send you information about new or improved SEO Tech Lab products or services. By clicking the “SUBMIT” button, they indicate their agreement to let this privacy statement use their data as described.